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Butler, James, first earl of Wiltshire and fifth earl of Ormond (1420-1461), magnate

Counsel and the King's Council in England, c.1340-c.1540

The Pressure of the Public on Later Medieval Politics

‘The Empire in Retrospect and Prospect: the Plantagenet Empire and the Continent’

Popular voices in England’s Wars of the Roses, c. 1445 - c. 1485

A Commonwealth of the People: Popular Politics and England's Long Social Revolution, 1066-1649.

Conclusions: poltical crisis and reconstruction in late medieval Engalnd and France

Popular Voices in the Politics of the Wars of the Roses

The Commons in Medieval England

The Commons in Medieval England


“Common Weal” and “Commonwealth”: England’s Monarchical Republic in the Making

Community and Contract in Late Medieval England

The Making of Polities: Europe, 1300–1500

Power and Identity in the Middle Ages: Essays in Memory of Rees Davies

Public or Plebs: the Changing Meaning of 'the Commons', 1381-1549

Usurpation in England: a Paradox of State Growth

Beauchamp, John, first Baron Beauchamp of Powick (c. 1400-1475), nobleman and administrator

Beaumont, John, first Viscount Beaumont (1409?-1460), magnate and courtier

Pole, William de la, first duke of Suffolk (1396-1450), administrator and magnate

Richard of York, third duke of York (1411-1460), magnate and claimant to the English throne

Politics, War and Public Life

Was there a Lancastrian Court?

The Policie in Christen Remes: Bishop Russell's Parliamentary Sermons of 1483-84

Looking for the State in Later Medieval England

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