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‘Loyal Believers and Disloyal Sceptics’: Propaganda and Dissent in Britain during the Korean War, 1950–1953

'The Dark Millions in the Colonies are Unavenged': Anti-Fascism and Anti-Imperialism in the 1930s

Ideology, idealism, and adventure: Narratives of the British volunteers in the international brigades

War in the Balkans: Conflict and Diplomacy Before World War I

China and the British left in the twentieth century: transnational perspectives

'Shanghai-Madrid Axis'? Comparing British responces to the conflicts in Spain and China. 1936-1939

East wind: China and the British left, 1925-1976

Human rights, the memory of war and the making of a 'European' identity, 1945-1975

Hasta que punto era 'diferente' Espana? el segundo Franquismo en el contexto iternatcional

Human rights campaigns in modern Britain

How 'different' was Spain? The later Franco regime in international context

'The truth will set you free': The making of amnesty international

Anti-fascism and democracy in the 1930s

Three Lives of Homage to Catalonia

The lost art of felicia browne

The death of bob smillie, the spanish civil war, and the eclipse of the independent labour party

'A far away country of which we know nothing'?: Perceptions of spain and its civil war in britain,1931-1939

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