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‘Loyal believers and disloyal sceptics’: propaganda and dissent in Britain during the Korean War, 1950-53

‘The dark millions in the colonies are unavenged’: Anti-fascism and anti-imperialism in the 1930s

Ideology, Idealism, and Adventure: Narratives of the British Volunteers in the International Brigades

War in the Balkans: Conflict and Diplomacy Before World War I

'Shanghai-Madrid Axis'? Comparing British responces to the conflicts in Spain and China. 1936-1939

East wind: China and the British left, 1925-1976

Human rights, the memory of war and the making of a 'European' identity, 1945-1975

Hasta que punto era 'diferente' Espana? el segundo Franquismo en el contexto iternatcional

Human rights campaigns in modern Britain

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