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Imperial Piety in Action: the Theodosians in Church

Exploring Gregory of Nyssa

The two Gregories: Nyssen and Nazianzen

The Conference of Carthage Reconsidered

Poetry and Pagans in Late Antique Rome: the Case of the Senator ‘Converted from the Christian religion to servitude to the idols'

Conversion in Late Antiquity: Christianity, Islam, and Beyond

Gregory’s Governors: Paideia and Patronage in Cappadocia


Julian and the Christian Professors

Aelius Aristides and the Priests

Orosius, Jerome and the Goths

The tax man and the theologian: Gregory, Hellenius, and the monks of Nazianzus

"Two Romes, Beacons of the Whole World"

'Two Romes, Beacons of the Whole World’: Canonizing Constantinople

Administrator: Augustine in His Diocese

Disciplines of Discipleship in Late Antique Education: Augustine and Gregory Nazianzen

Disciplines of Discipleship in Late Antique Education: Augustine and Gregory Nazianzen

Moments of Truth: Gregory Nazianzen and Theodosius I

Augustine’s Black Sheep: The Case of Antoninus of Fussala

The Manna from Uncle: Basil of Caesarea and the “Address to Young Men”

The Transformation of Imperial Churchgoing in the Fourth Century

Personal Perspectives

Pagans in a Christian Empire

Christian politics and religious culture in late antiquity

Poetic creativity and political crisisin early fifth-century Gaul

Crying Wolf: The Pope and the Lupercalia

Postscript to the lupercalia: From Caesar to Andromachus

Cappadocia, 4th-6th century. A provincial history of the Roman Empire of the East.

Little wolf in the big city: Ulfila and his interpreters

Greek biography and panegyric in late antiquity

Communities of the blessed. Social environment and religious change in northern Italy, AD200-400

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