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Cornelius Bayley

Religion and Politics, in Amy Concannon (ed.), In Focus: Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows exhibited 1831 by John Constable

‘Reading at Intervals’: Benjamin Britten’sRomantic Poetry

'Reading at Intervals': Britten's Romantic Poetry

The Counter-Enlightenments of Thomas Carlyle

A.G. MacDonell's 'England, their England'

J.G.A. Pocock’s Barbarism and Religion


Theology in the Church of England

Richard Busby

Trevor-Roper and Thomas Carlyle: History and Sensibility

A Companion to Intellectual History

Intellectual History and Historismus in Post War England


Gibbon and Christianity

John Jortin, Ecclesiastical History, and the Christian Republic of Letters

Preludes and Postludes to Gibbon:Variations on an impromptu by J.G.A. Pocock

Conyers Middleton: the historical consequences of heterodoxy

J.W. Burrow: A personal history

Enlightenment Political Thought and the Cambridge School

The Victorian Eighteenth Century: An Intellectual History

A history of variations: the identity of the eighteenth-century Church of England

Intellectual History in Britain

Newtonianism and the enthusiasm of Enlightenment

Theological Books from the Naked Gospel to Nemesis of Faith

The Performance of Pastoral Politics: Britten's Albert Herring

The Tyranny of the Definite Article: Some Thoughts on the Art of Intellectual History

Religious history and the eighteenth-century historian

Economy, Polity, and Society British Intellectual History 1750-1950

History, Religion, and Culture: British Intellectual History, 1750-1800

Religion and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-century England: Theological Debate from Locke to Burke

"Scepticism in excess": Gibbon and eighteenth-century Christianity

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