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Defining the Global Middle Ages (AHRC Research Network)

Politics, c.1000-1500: Mediation and Communication

Introduction: Towards a Global Middle Ages

Byzantines, Latins, and Turks in the Eastern Mediterranean World After 1150

Shared Worlds: A question of evidence

Basil II the Bulgar-slayer and the Blinding of 15,000 Bulgarians in 1014: Mutilation and Prisoners of War in the Middle Ages

Treaties Between Byzantium and the Islamic World

Provinces and capital

Political Literacy

Byzantine Political Culture and Compilation Literature in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries

Political-Historical Survey: 800-1204

Constantinople in the reign of Basil II

Basil II and the Governance of Empire (976-1025)

The Rhetorical Structures of John Skylitzes's "Synopsis Historion"

Political Elites in the Reign of Basil II

The Byzantine Eastern Frontier in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries

Literacy, Education and Manuscript Transmission in Byzantium and Beyond

Written Culture in Byzantium and Beyond: Contexts, Contents and Interpretations

How the East was won in the Reign of Basil II

Concluding Remarks

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