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Early Normandy

The Conversion of Scandinavians in Britain and Ireland: An Overview

‘Connections and Exchange in the Viking World’, in Byzantium and the Viking World

‘Bede, Gregory, and Strategies of Conversion in Anglo-Saxon England and the Spanish New World’

Medieval Dublin

VIKINGS Life and legend

Diaspora and Identity in the Viking Age

The Viking World

Conversion and the Church in Viking-Age Ireland.

Early Religious Practice in the Greenland Settlement

Germanic Christianities

Germanic Christianities, 600-1100

King Edgar and the Men of the Danelaw

Conversion and the Church in the Hebrides in the Viking Age: "A Very Difficult Thing Indeed"

Les fondations scandinaves en angleterre

Scandinavian Place-Names and Settlement-History: Flegg, Norfolk

The Early Danelaw: Conquest, Transition, and Assimilation

England, Normandy, and Scandinavia

The Conversion of the Danelaw

Edward the Elder's Danelaw

Conversion and Assimilation

The Conversion of the Scandinavians of Dublin

Anglo-Saxon Glastonbury Church and Endowment

The Anglo-Saxons and the Christianization of Scandinavia

Eleventh-Century Missions and the Early Stages of Ecclesiastical Organization in Scandinavia

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