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Early Normandy

The Conversion of Scandinavians in Britain and Ireland: An Overview

The Vikings in Ireland and Beyond: Before and After the Battle of Clontarf

‘Connections and Exchange in the Viking World’, in Byzantium and the Viking World (ed. F. Androshchuk, J. Shepard, and M. White) (Stockholm, 2016), pp. 27-52

‘Bede, Gregory, and Strategies of Conversion in Anglo-Saxon England and the Spanish New World’

Medieval Dublin

VIKINGS Life and legend

Diaspora and Identity in the Viking Age

The Viking World

Conversion and the Church in Viking-Age Ireland.

Early Religious Practice in the Greenland Settlement

Germanic Christianities

Germanic Christianities, 600-1100

King Edgar and the Men of the Danelaw

Conversion and the Church in the Hebrides in the Viking Age: "A Very Difficult Thing Indeed"

Les fondations scandinaves en angleterre

Scandinavian Place-Names and Settlement-History: Flegg, Norfolk

The Early Danelaw: Conquest, Transition, and Assimilation

England, Normandy, and Scandinavia

The Conversion of the Danelaw

Edward the Elder's Danelaw

Conversion and Assimilation

The Conversion of the Scandinavians of Dublin

Anglo-Saxon Glastonbury Church and Endowment

The Anglo-Saxons and the Christianization of Scandinavia

Eleventh-Century Missions and the Early Stages of Ecclesiastical Organization in Scandinavia

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