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Western Europe's Democratic Age 1945-1968

On Fragile Democracy: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

Brexit: 100 Years in the Making

Europe's Postwar Periods - 1989, 1945, 1918 Writing History Backwards

Democracy in Western Europe after 1945

The (Re-)Making of Masculinity in Europe 1910-1960

Afterword: The Limits of an Anti-liberal Europe

The Frontiers of Belgium and of Internationalism

Christian Democracy: one word or two?

The End(s) of Memory: Memories of the Second World War in Belgium

The Sorrows of Belgium: Liberation and Political Reconstruction, 1944-1947

The Making of Democratic Stability: The Case of Belgium after 1944

Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Europeanization in the Twentieth Century

Towards a European History of the Discourse of Democracy in Western Europe, 1945-60


Europeanization in the Twentieth Century Historical Approaches

The War for Legitimacy in Politics and Culture 1936-1946

The Low Countries

The Christian Churches and Politics in Europe, 1914-1939

Belgium's Mid-Twentieth Century Crisis: Crisis of a Nation State?

Problems of Digestion. The Memory of the Second World War in Flanders

Contemporary European History Special Issue

Political Legitimacy in Mid-Twentieth Century Europe: An Introduction

The Rise and Fall of Western Europe's Democratic Age, 1945-1973

The Greek Civil War: Greek Exceptionalism or Mirror of a European Civil War?

Reply to Jones

Europe after the High Tide: The Belgian Model for a Diverging Union

The Age of Christian Democracy: The Frontiers of Success and Failure

Democracy in Postwar Western Europe: The Triumph of a Political Model

The Politics of Democracy in Twentieth-Century Europe: Introduction

Catholic Politics or Christian Democracy? The Evolution of inter-war Political Catholicism

Europe in Exile European Exile Communities in Britain, 1940-1945

Left Catholicism in Europe in the 1940s. Elements of an Explanation

Justice in postwar Belgium: Popular passions and political realities

Catholic Politics in Europe, 1918-1945

The Liberation of Belgium 1944-45: The Successful Counter-Revolution



Political Catholicism in Europe, 1918-1965

The Extreme Right in Inter-War Francophone Belgium: Explanations of a Failure


Léon Degrelle: Les Années de Collaboration

Collaboratie in België Léon Degrelle en het rexisme, 1940 - 1944

Collaboration in Belgium Léon Degrelle and the Rexist Movement, 1940-1944

Building the Christian City: Catholics and Politics in Inter-War Francophone Belgium

European History Quarterly Special Issue: Introduction

Legacies of Exile: The Exile Governments in London and the Politics of Post-War Europe
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