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„Wie man einen Kuss verwahrt: Die Porträtminiatur als intimes Andenken“

Private View

The Tradescants' Orchard: The Mystery of a Seventeenth-Century Painted Fruit Book

Intimate Portrait: Eye, Mouth and Hand Miniatures

Oxford Art Journal Special Issue

Treasuring the Gaze: Intimacy and Extremity of Vision Eye Miniature Portraits

Introduction: The Substance of Wax

The Line of Thought

The Pensive Image: On Thought in Jan van Huysum's Still life Paintings

The Thought of Painting

Rhetorik der Durchsichtigkeit, Oder der Beweis des Realismus Jan van Huysums

How to become a Picture: Theatricality as Strategy in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Portraits

Image [&] Narrative Special Issue

Introduction: The Thought of Images

Reading the Annunciation, Or the Navel of the Painting

The Rhetoric of Perspective: Realism and Illusionism in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Still-Life Painting

Treasuring the Gaze: Eye Miniature Portraits and the Intimacy of Vision

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