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The politics of inscription in modern Chinese art

Chinese Painting and Its Audiences

Ming China Courts and Contacts 1400-1450

‘Reading a Painter’s Price List in Republican Shanghai’

Connected Material Histories: A response

Reading a painter's price list in Republican Shanghai

The Splendours of Paradise: Murals and Epigraphic Documents of the Early Ming Buddhist Monastery Fahai Si

Ming 50 Years That Changed China

Screen of Kings: Royal Art and Power in Ming China

Fruitful Sites Garden Culture in Ming Dynasty China

The art of global comparisons

Bridges to Heaven: Essays on East Asian Art in Honor of Professor Wen C. Fong

Regarding art and art history

The Family Style: Art as Lineage in the Ming and Qing

PASTIMES: From Art and Antiquarianism to Modern Chinese Historiography.

Things in Between: Splendour and Excess in Ming China

Antiquarian Politics and the Politics of Antiquarianism in Ming Regional Courts

Reading Wen Zhengming: Metaphor and Chinese painting

Commodity and Context: Wen Zhenming in the Late Ming Art Market

Empire of Great Brightness Visual and Material Cultures of Ming China, 1368-1644


The toolkit and the textbook

'Not One Hair Different...' Wen Zhengming on Imaging the Dead in Ming Funerary Portraiture

Elegant Debts The Social Art of Wen Zhengming, 1470-1559

Art in China

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