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Photographing Sculpture, Sculpting Photography

The Sound of Marble: The Materiality and Immateriality of Italian Renaissance Art

"The Life of Objects": Sculpture as Subject and Object of the Camera's Lens

"In consequence of their whiteness": Photographing Marble Sculpture from Talbot to Today

Review of Touching Objects: Intimate Experiences of Italian Fifteenth-Century Art, by Adrian W.B. Randolph

Journal of Art Historiography Special Issue

Review of The Sculptural Photograph in the Nineteenth Century (special issue of History of Photography), edited by Patrizia Di Bello

The Sculptural Photograph in the Nineteenth Century

A Taxonomy of Touch: Tactile Encounters in Renaissance Italy

Beyond the Visual: The Multi-Sensory Reception and Display of Renaissance Sculpture

'(Un)richtige Aufnahme': Renaissance Sculpture and the Visual Historiography of Art History

Heinrich Wölfflin, How One Should Photograph Sculpture: A Translation of his Articles of 1896-7 and 1915

In the Hand of the Beholder: Isabella d'Este and the Sensual Allure of Sculpture

The Art of Touch in Early Modern Italy

Using the Photographic Archive: On the Life (and Death) of Images

Reza Aramesh: "Them Who Dwell on the Earth"

Touch, Tactility, and the Reception of Sculpture in Early Modern Italy

'All concrete shapes dissolve in light': Photographing Sculpture from Rodin to Brancusi

Renaissance Art: A Very Short Introduction

Pictures fit for a Queen: Peter Paul Rubens and the Marie de' Medici Cycle

"An Almost Immaterial Substance": Photography and the Dematerialisation of Sculpture

Beautiful Brides and Model Mothers: The Devotional and Talismanic Functions of Early Modern Marian Reliefs

Michelangelo, Canon Formation and Fortune Telling in Fanti's "Triompho di Fortuna"

Activating the Effigy: Donatello's Pecci Tomb in Siena Cathedral

The Lion on the Piazza: Patrician Politics and Public Statuary in Central Florence

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