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Tensions and Experimentations of Kingship: King Narai and his response to missionary overtures in the 1680s

Unearthly Powers Religious and Political Change in World History

Sacred Kingship under King Narai of Ayutthaya: Divinisation and Righteousness

Global Early Modernity and the problem of what came before

Catholic missions and local rulers in subSaharan Africa

Sri Lanka at the Crossroads of History

Global Patterns of Ruler Conversion to Islam and the Logic of Empirical Religiosity

Introduction: Querying the cosmopolitan in Sri Lankan andIndian Ocean history

The digestion of the foreign in Lankan history, c. 500– 1818

'Thailand’s first revolution? The Ayutthaya rebellion of 1688 and global patterns of ruler conversion to monotheism'

Religion and Empire

Vijaya and Romulus: Interpreting the Origin Myths of Sri Lanka and Rome

Drawing the veil of sovereignty: early modern Islamic empires and understanding sacred kingship

Sri Lanka in the Missionary Conjuncture of the 1540s

Immanence and Tolerance: Ruler Conversions to Islam and Christianity in Archipelagic Southeast Asia

Strange parallels: Southeast Asia in global context, c. 800–1830. Volume 2: mainland mirrors: Europe, Japan, China, South Asia, and the islands

Treachery and Ethnicity in Portuguese Representations of Sri Lanka

The Role of Sinhala Group identity in the ‘Sinhala Rebellion’ against Bhuvanekabahu VI (1469-77)

Sri Lanka in the Long Early Modern Period: Its Place in a Comparative Theory of Second Millennium Eurasian History

The Vijaya Origin Myth of Sri Lanka and the Strangeness of Kingship


Towards the Source-Criticism of Sitavakan Heroic Literature. Part 2: The Sitavaka Hatana: Notes on a Grounded Text

Kingship and Conversion in Sixteenth-Century Sri Lanka Portuguese Imperialism in a Buddhist Land

Transcendentalist Intransigence: Why Rulers Rejected Monotheism in Early Modern Southeast Asia and Beyond

The Conversion of Rulers in Portuguese-Era Sri Lanka

Towards the Source-Criticism of Sitavakan Heroic Literature. Part One: The Alakesvara Yuddhaya: Notes on a Floating Text

The Royal ‘We’: Sinhala Identity in the Dynastic State

Fernão de Queirós: History and Theology

Os Piedosos’ and the Mission in India and Sri Lanka in the 1540s

Theoretical Approaches to Sri Lankan History and the Early Portuguese Period

Controversies in Sri Lankan History

Representing Eastern Religion: Queirós and Gonzaga on the first Christian-Buddhist debate in Sri Lanka, 1543

Re-reading Queirós: Some Neglected Aspects of the Conquista

Converting Kings: Kongo, Thailand, Japan and Hawaii Compared 1450-1850

The Many Meanings of Iconoclasm: Warrior and Christian Temple-Shrine Destruction in Late Sixteenth Century Japan