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Political and social though

Social and Political Commentary

The British Critic: Newman and Mozley, Oakley and Ward

'A triumph of the rich': Tractarians and the Reformation

Oriel to Oliver Twist: Noetics and Tractarians at Large


A Response to Eamon Duffy

'A triumph of the rich: Tractarians and the Reformation

History versus Hagiography: the Reception of Turner's Newman

Tractarians and the 'Condition of England': The Social and Political Thought of the Oxford Movement

Miscellanous entries on writers, clerics, and motorcycle racers

'The Duty of the State': Keble, the Tractarians and Establishment

John Henry Newman, the Tractarians and the 'British Critic' (An examination of political and theological anti-orthodox movements and their publications in the mid-nineteenth-century Church of England)

Liberalism and Mammon: Tractarian reaction in the Age of Reform