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Revisiting The Polite and Commercial People Essays in Georgian Politics, Society, and Culture in Honour of Professor Paul Langford

A trader of knowledge and government: Richard Houncell and the politics of enterprise, 1648–51

The attack of the Creolian powers : West Indians at the parliamentary elections of mid-Georgian Britain, 1754-74

William Beckford

Regulating the British Economy, 1660–1850

Un apprentissage impérial: William Beckford et la cité de Londres

The Clash of Interests: Commerce and the Politics of Trade in the Age of Anne

Bigger Business: The Social and Political Impact of the London Merchant 1660-1800

Mercaderes Ingleses en Alicante en el Siglio XVII

Mercaderes Ingleses en Alicante en el Siglio XVII

Mercaderes ingleses en Alicante en el siglo XVII

Emporium of the world the merchants of London 1660-1800

Le Grande Commerce: Les Marchands Londoniens 1660-1760

Finding the Middle-Ground: The Middling Sort in the Eighteenth Century

Informality and Influence: the Overseas Merchant and the livery companies, 1660-1720

The Politics of Trade: The Overseas Merchant in State and Society, 1660-1720

'For Want of Smooth Language’: Parliament as a Point of Contact in the Augustan Age

Politics and Society in Great Yarmouth, 1660-1722