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1989 At Thirty: A Recast Legacy*

The Polemics of Pity: British Photographs of Berlin, 1945-1947

The Ethics of Seeing Photography and Twentieth-Century German History

The Intimacy of Revolution: 1989 in Pictures

A Red Wind of Change: African Media Coverage of Tito’s Tours of Decolonizing Africa

Universalism and its Discontents: Humanity as a 20th Century Concept

Religion, Science and Cold War Anti-Communism: The 1949 Cardinal Mindszenty Show Trial

Science, Religion and Communism in Cold War Europe

Humanity's New Heritage: Unesco and the Rewriting of World History

Heritage in the Modern World: Historical Preservation in Global Perspective

The Warden of World Heritage: UNESCO and the Rescue of the Nubian Monuments

The Politics of Plenty: Consumerism and Communism

The Politics of Plenty: Consumerism in Communist Societies

When Cold Warriors Die: The State Funerals of Konrad Adenauer and Walter Ulbricht

Black Mountain College Studies Journal: 'Black Mountain College into the 21st Century'

Humanity Journal Special Issue

Socialism, Social Rights, Human Rights: The Case of East Germany

Between Mass Death and Individual Loss: The Place of the Dead in Twentieth-Century Germany

Within Walls: Private Life in the German Democratic Republic

Years of Persecution, Years of Extermination

Manners, Morality and Civilization: Reflections on Post-1945 GermanEtiquette Books

Private property and public culture : a forgotten chapter of East European Communist life

Privatheit [Privacy]

Property, Peace and Honor: Neighborhood Justice in Communist Berlin

Building Socialism at Home: The Case of East German Interiors

Socialist Modern East German Everyday Culture and Politics

When Cold Warriors Die: The State Funerals of Konrad Adenauer and Walter Ulbrict

Germany, International Justice and the Twentieth Century

Journal of Contemporary History Special Issue

The Authority of Everyday Objects: A Cultural History of West German Industrial Design

The Politics of Post-Fascist Aesthetics: West and East German Design in the 1950s

Pain and Prosperity Reconsidering Twentieth-century German History

Remembrance of Things Past: Nostalgia in West and East Germany, 1980-2000

The New Fascination with Fascism: The Case of Nazi Modernism

The Twilight of the Idols: East German Memory and Material Culture

The Bauhaus as Cold War Legend: West German Modernism Revisited

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