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Debt, distraint, display and dead men’s treasure: material culture in late medieval Aberdeen

Register of John Salmon bishop of Norwich 1299-1325

Valuations of churches in medieval Norfolk

King John, Magna Carta and the Thirteenth-Century English Church

Prices from the Durham obedientiary account rolls, 1278 - 1367

The Nobility and Ecclesiastical Patronage in Later Thirteenth Century England

Prices from the Durham obedientiary account rolls, 1278-1367

The Church on Earth and Its Secular Princes

The Scottish Wool Trade, 1250-1450’ and ‘Trade and Craft Guilds, Scotland

Durham Grain Prices, 1278-1515

Town and Region: the corn market in Aberdeen, c. 1398 - c. 1468

Ecclesiastical patronage of the laity in later medieval England

The earls and their clergy in the reign of Edward I