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Conclusions. Strikebreaking and the Fault-Lines of Mass Society, 1880-1930

The Accidents of a European Historian

The Legacies of 1945: The Evolutions of European Civic Morality

Writing European Unification Backwards

José Gotovitch, 50 ans au coeur et aux marges de l'historiographie de la Belgique contemporaine

Aprendiendo de América Latina

Western Europe's Democratic Age 1945-1968

On Fragile Democracy: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

Brexit: 100 Years in the Making

Europe's Postwar Periods - 1989, 1945, 1918 Writing History Backwards

Democracy in Western Europe after 1945

The (Re-)Making of Masculinity in Europe 1910-1960

Afterword: The Limits of an Anti-liberal Europe

The Frontiers of Belgium and of Internationalism

Christian Democracy: one word or two?

The End(s) of Memory: Memories of the Second World War in Belgium

The Sorrows of Belgium: Liberation and Political Reconstruction, 1944-1947

The Making of Democratic Stability: The Case of Belgium after 1944

Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Europeanization in the Twentieth Century

Towards a European History of the Discourse of Democracy in Western Europe, 1945-60


Europeanization in the Twentieth Century Historical Approaches

The War for Legitimacy in Politics and Culture 1936-1946

The Low Countries

The Christian Churches and Politics in Europe, 1914-1939

Belgium's Mid-Twentieth Century Crisis: Crisis of a Nation State?

Problems of Digestion. The Memory of the Second World War in Flanders

Contemporary European History Special Issue

Political Legitimacy in Mid-Twentieth Century Europe: An Introduction

The Rise and Fall of Western Europe's Democratic Age, 1945-1973

The Greek Civil War: Greek Exceptionalism or Mirror of a European Civil War?

Reply to Jones

Europe after the High Tide: The Belgian Model for a Diverging Union

The Age of Christian Democracy: The Frontiers of Success and Failure

Democracy in Postwar Western Europe: The Triumph of a Political Model

The Politics of Democracy in Twentieth-Century Europe: Introduction

Catholic Politics or Christian Democracy? The Evolution of inter-war Political Catholicism

Europe in Exile European Exile Communities in Britain, 1940-1945

Left Catholicism in Europe in the 1940s. Elements of an Explanation

Justice in postwar Belgium: Popular passions and political realities

Catholic Politics in Europe, 1918-1945

The Liberation of Belgium 1944-45: The Successful Counter-Revolution



Political Catholicism in Europe, 1918-1965

The Extreme Right in Inter-War Francophone Belgium: Explanations of a Failure


Léon Degrelle: Les Années de Collaboration

Collaboratie in België Léon Degrelle en het rexisme, 1940 - 1944

Collaboration in Belgium Léon Degrelle and the Rexist Movement, 1940-1944

Building the Christian City: Catholics and Politics in Inter-War Francophone Belgium

European History Quarterly Special Issue: Introduction

Legacies of Exile: The Exile Governments in London and the Politics of Post-War Europe