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Republican Father and Adoptive Son

David Walker's Nationalism -- and Thomas Jefferson's

The Logic of Political Association and the Logic of Chattel Slavery in Revolutionary America

“I am an Indian”: Reading Robert Beverley’s The History and Present State of Virginia.

'I have Known': Thomas Jefferson, Experience, and Notes on the State of Virginia

Aristotle and King Alfred in America

Rum Punch and Revolution: Taverngoing and Public Life in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia

Henry Drax's Instructions on the Management of a Seventeenth-Century Barbarian Sugar Plantation

Inventive Localism in the Seventeenth Century

The Thief, the Householder, and the Commons: Languages of Class in Seventeenth-Century Virginia

William Bullock's "Strange Adventure": A Plan to Transform Seventeenth-Century Virginia

Judicious Neology: The Imperative of Paternalism in Thomas Jefferson's Linguistic Studies

The Cassell Dictionary of American History

Cassell's Dictionary of Modern American History

No chance in nature: Cannibalism as a solution to maritime famine

The Logic of Slavery and the Language of Violence in America's Associational Moment

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