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Private and Public Moral Sentiments in Nazi Germany

Legitimacy Through War?

The German War: A Nation Under Arms, 1939–45

Wartime Occupation by Germany: Food and sex

For Führer and Fatherland: The German war, 1939-1945

La dernière armée d’Hitler: adolescents allemands pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale

Hitler’s Last Army: German teenagers in the Second World War

Beyond 'consent' or 'terror': Wartime crises in Nazi Germany

Clausewitz’s Final Posting


The Troubled Patriot: German Innerlichkeit in World War II

Speaking in public about the murder of the Jews: what did the Holocaust mean to the Germans?

Speaking in public about the murder of the Jews: What did the Holocaust mean to the Germans?

Rumors of Revenge in the Second World War

The War Child: A German Trauma?

A German Trauma

Jeux de guerre. Les enfants sous le régime nazi

Drawing the Holocaust in 1945

Witnesses Of War Children's Lives Under the Nazis

Opfer der Bomben und der Vergeltung

The Final Solution

Der deutsche Zusammenbruch von 1945 als Kindheitserfahrung

Children’s art of the holocaust

Beyond the liberal idea of the nation

German Childhoods: The Making of a Historiography

The Holocaust

Gellner’s nationalism: The spirit of modernisation?

Origins of the constructivist theory of the nation

Původy konstruktivistické teorie národa

The German Idea of Militarism: Radical and Socialist Critics, 1866-1914