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The Great War in the Middle East

Before military intervention: Upstream stabilisation in theory and practice

The de Bunsen Committee and a revision of the ‘conspiracy’ of Sykes–Picot

Designing a Research Platform for Engaged Learning

The War Outside of Europe

Hybrid War and Its Countermeasures: A Critique of the Literature

The First World War and the Middle East: a literature review of recent scholarship

UK Defence Policy: The New Canada and International by Design

True to Their Salt Indigenous Personnel in Western Armed Forces

The first world war and the middle east

The Changing Character of War

The changing character of war: Making strategy in the early twenty-first century

Out of Arabia: British Strategy and the Fate of Local Forces in Aden, South Yemen, and Oman, 1967–76

The Great War and the Middle East

The Taliban

Transformation of War: The Collision of States and Sub-State Polities

The Afghan National Army and COIN: Past, Present and Future Reconsidered

Contested Historiography: Allied Perspectives on the Gallipoli Campaign

On Killing: historiography and conceptual issues: contexts and concepts from the First World War to the present

At the end of military intervention: historical, theoretical and applied approaches to transition, handover and withdrawal

Command of the Army, Charles Gwynn and Imperial Policing: The British Doctrinal Approach to Internal Security in Palestine 1919–29

Predicting Future War

Upstream engagement and downstream entanglements: The assumptions, opportunities, and threats of partnering

Heroism and the Changing Character of War

Transitions: Britain’s Decolonization of India and Pakistan

The Iran-Iraq War

‘General Roberts, the Occupation of Kabul and the Problems of Transition, 1879-1880’

A plain tale of pundits, players and professionals: The historiography of the great game

Mutazafin and Taghutti: Iran and its International Relations

Pakistan's inter-services intelligence

Small wars and internal security: The Army in India, 1936-1946

Managing Helmand province: From Bost to Bastion

Justifying the Iraq War and Managing the Media: A Comparative Historical Analysis

Pakistan’s ISI and Covert Operations

Plus ca Change: The Great Game and Power Projection in the Persian Gulf, 1856-1914

The Historiography of the Great Game

‘Small Wars and Internal Security: The Army in India, 1936-46’,

The Afghan Way of War

Towards a Bandobast: A Comparative Study of Afghan-Pashtun Perspectives on Negotiating with the British and the Soviets, 1839-1989

'Mizh der beitabora khalqi-i': A comparative study of afghan/ pashtun perspectives on negotiating with the British and Soviets, 1839-1989

A plain tale of pundits, players and professionals: The historiography of the great game

The Indian Army and Internal Security: 1919-1946

The Iran-Iraq War

In the Service of Empire: Imperialism and the British Spy Thriller

Uncertain Loyalties

Jihad and The War on Terror’’: Intelligence, Ethics and Justice in Pakistan and Afghanistan

The United Kingdom’s Defence After Brexit

'True to Their Salt': Mechanisms for recruiting and managing military labour in the Army of the East India Company during the Carnatic Wars in India

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