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Temporal Dislocation in Material-for-Spiritual Exchange

The Alien Priories Transformed: Church, Society and Politics in Late-Medieval England

Political Society in Later Medieval England A Festschrift for Christine Carpenter

Locality and Ecclesiastical Polity: the Late Medieval Church between Duality and Integration


The Polemic of Reform in the Late-Medieval English Church

Church and State, Clerks and Graduates

Polemic: Language as violence in medieval and early modern discourse

Prelates and the Alien Priories

Knowles and the Alien Priories: a Missed Opportunity

The Fourteenth Century

Performing Parliament in the Rotuli Parliamentorum

Prelates and Politics from Winchelsey to Warham

Monasteries, Society and Reform in Late Medieval England

Introduction: Monasteries and Medieval Society

Monasteries and Society in Medieval Britain Proceedings of the 1994 Harlaxton Symposium

The Reign of Henry VII: Proceedings of the 1993 Harlaxton Conference

The Laity, the Alien Priories and the Redistribution of Ecclesiastical Property

Free Alms Tenure in the Twelfth Century

Monasteries and Their Patrons at Foundation and Dissolution: The Alexander Prize Essay, Proxime Accessit

Habendum et Tenendum: Lay and Ecclesiastical Attitudes to the Property of the Church

The Statute of Carlisle, 1307, and the Alien Priories