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Fighters Across Frontiers Transnational Resistance in Europe, 1936-48

Empires of the Mind

Laïcité, Republic and Nation in Post-Colonial France

Resist or collaborate?


‘Les Inconnus de la Resistance: letters to L’Humanité, 1984’

‘The Global 1968 and international communism’

Résistances européennes: tableau politique et militaire

Fighters in the Shadows: A New History of the French Resistance

The Transnational in the Local: The Larzac Plateau as a Site of Transnational Activism since 1970

Lettres de correspondants français à la BBC (1940-1943)

Europe's 1968: Voices of Revolt

Utopia and conflict in the oral testimonies of French 1968 activists

European Radicals and the ‘Third World’: Imagined Solidarities and Radical Networks, 1958-1973

Introduction: Voices of Europe's '68

La hantise de devenir vieux cons comme ses parents’ : activist definition of the 1968 generation in France

The Long March of Oral History: Around 1968 in France

Eternal France: Crisis and National Self-Perception in France, 1870-2005

Flawed Saviours: the Myths of Hindenburg and Pétain

Forty years on: French writing on 1968 in 2008

Writing Contemporary History

1968 in 2008'

Children of the Revolution: The French 1799-1914

Surviving Hitler and Mussolini Daily Life in Occupied Europe

To Work or Not to Work

Mediators or time-servers: local officials and notables in the Loire Valley, 1940-1945

Resistance, Reprisals and Community in Occupied France

Barricades and Borders: Europe 1800-1914

Myth, Memory and Policy in France since 1945

Province and nation

1848 in European Collective Memory

France Since 1945

Marianne in Chains: In Search of the German Occupation, 1940-1945

France, 1870-1914

The Past in French History

Education in Provincial France, 1800-1914: A Study of Three Departments