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Buddhist and Islamic Orders in Southern Asia Comparative Perspectives

Challenging Cosmopolitanism Coercion, Mobility and Displacement in Islamic Asia

The Mission of Development Religion and Techno-Politics in Asia

Navigating a world of religious NGOs: Ethnography, abstraction, and views of the horizon

Configuring Catholicism in the anthropology of Christianity

Muslim Cultures and Pre-Islamic Pasts: Changing Perceptions of ‘Heritage’

The Anthropology of Catholicism in Southern Asia

Religion and Reconstruction in the Wake of Disaster

Rebuilding Asia Following Natural Disasters Approaches to Reconstruction in the Asia-Pacific Region

Blue prints for change and the re-imaging of life in post-tsunami Aceh, Indonesia

Post-disaster Reconstruction in Asia: New Actors and Approaches

Salvage and Salvation: Religion and Disaster Relief in Contemporary Asia

Islam and the Limits of the State Reconfigurations of Practice, Community and Authority in Contemporary Aceh

State Shariʿa and its Limits

State Shariʿa and its Limits

Religion and the Politics of Development

Religion and the Politics of Development

Shi'ism In South East Asia Alid Piety and Sectarian Constructions

Debating ‘Shiʿism’ in the History of Muslim Southeast Asia

Outlook: Research on Religion and Development

Penultimate Predecessors of the 2014 Indian Ocean Tsunami in Aceh, Sumatra: Stratigraphic, Archaeological, and Historical Evidence

Religious Actors in Disaster Relief

ʿAlid Piety and State-sponsored Spectacle: Tabot Tradition in Bengkulu, Sumatra

Muslim Religious Authority in Modern Asia

Sharia and Social Engineering The Implementation of Islamic Law in Contemporary Aceh, Indonesia

Official Religions, State Secularisms and the Structures of Religious Pluralism

Proselytizing and the Limits of Religious Pluralism in Contemporary Asia

Adat dan Idealisme dalam Pemikiran Hukum Mohammad Koesnoe

Hand, heart and handphone: State shari`a in the age of the SMS

Religion and Development in China: Innovations and Implications

From the Ground Up Perspectives on Post-Tsunami and Post-Conflict Aceh

Islamic Legal Professionals in Contemporary Southeast Asia

Mapping the Acehnese Past

Islamic Connections Muslim Societies in South and Southeast Asia

Muslim Legal Thought in Modern Indonesia

Cross-Cultural Contexts of Modern Muslim Intellectualism

Islamic Law in Contemporary Indonesia Ideas and Institutions

Sufi Scents Across the Indian Ocean : Yemeni Hagiography and the Earliest History of Southeast Asian Islam

Hybridity and the "Hadhrami Diaspora" in the Indian Ocean Muslim Networks

Islam in World Cultures Comparative Perspectives

Indonesian Movements for the Creation of a 'National Madhhab'

A Wall in the Woods: Note on the Recently Discovered Site at Kreung Jeureungeh, North Aceh

Islam and the ‘Arab Network’ in Early Modern History

Muslim Religious Authority in Modern Asia: Established Patterns and Evolving Profiles

Notes toward a History of Qurʾanic Exegesis in Southeast Asia

Religious Competition and Conflict over the longue durée: Christianity and Islam in the Indonesian Archipelago

Shaykh Yusuf and the Appreciation of Muslim ‘Saints’ in Modern Indonesia

Social Engineering through Shariʿa: Islamic Law as State-Directed Daʿwa in Contemporary Aceh

Tabut: Muharram Observances in the History of Bengkulu

The Islamic Judicial Structure in Indonesia

Why Study Islamic Legal Professionals?

Yemeni Sources for the History of Islam in Indonesia

ʿAbd al-Samad in Arabia: The Yemeni Years of a Shaykh from Sumatra

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