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Setting the agenda for social science research on the human microbiome

(Inter)nationalising the antibiotic research and development pipeline.

Exploring Models for an International Legal Agreement on the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Lessons from Climate Agreements.

Pyrrhic Progress

A roadmap for sustainably governing the global antimicrobial commons.

The forgotten typers: The rise and fall of Weimar bacteriophage-typing (1921–1935)

A Biohistorical Perspective of Typhoid and Antimicrobial Resistance

Typhoid—From Past to Future

Water and Filth: Reevaluating the First Era of Sanitary Typhoid Intervention (1840–1940)

Reinventing the antimicrobial pipeline in response to the global crisis of antimicrobial-resistant infections.

Pharming Animals – a global history of antibiotics in food production (1935-2017)

Toxic Tales—Recent Histories of Pollution, Poisoning, and Pesticides (ca. 1800–2010)

Swann Song: Antibiotic Regulation in British Livestock Production (1953–2006)

Toxic confusion: the dilemma of antibiotic regulation in West German food production (1951–1990)

History Teaches Us That Confronting Antibiotic Resistance Requires Stronger Global Collective Action

Wie Seveso nach Deutschland kam. Umweltskandale und ökologische Debatten 1976 bis 1986

Achieving a Grand Bargain on the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Introduction to the Policy Dialogue: introduction to a special issue

Making Use of Existing International Legal Mechanisms to Manage the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Identifying Legal Hooks and Institutional Mandates

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