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The Geopolitics of Decolonisation

Unfinished Empire

Exits and Colonial Administrations

Orphans of Empire

Empire and Ethnicity

The Empire Project

After Tamerlane The Rise and Fall of Global Empires, 1400-2000

Brtian's Empires

Was there a Fourth British Empire?

Gallagher's Empire'

The Dominions and India since 1900: Select Documents in the Constitutional History of the British Empire and Commonwealth

Globalism and Imperialism: the Global Context of British Power 1830-1960

The Imprint of the War

The Rhodes Trust in the Age of Empire

Diplomacy and decolonization


Civility and Empire

Between Europe and Empire: Britain's changing role in world politics since 1945

A Third British Empire? the Dominion Idea in Imperial Politics


An undeclared empire: The British in the Middle East 1918-1939

Imperialism and the Victorians: The Dynamics of Territorial Expansion

Decolonization and the Asia Pacific

Hong Kong in British Decolonisation

Africa in World Politics since 1945: theories of decolonization

The Central African Emergency, 1959

The End of the British Empire: the Historical Debate

Britain and Decolonisation The Retreat from Empire in the Post-war World