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The Letters of William Sancroft 1633-1693

Religion and the Government of the Later Stuarts

The Church of England, 1662-1714

Revolutionary England, C.1630-c.1660 Essays for Clive Holmes

'Parliament', 'liberty', 'taxation', and 'property': The civil war of words in the 1640s

Charles II's Commission for Ecclesiastical Promotions, 1681-4: A Reconsideration

The Reluctant Chaplain: William Sancroft and the Later Stuart Church

The Nature of the English Revolution Revisited

'A British patriarchy? Ecclesiastical imperialism under the later Stuarts

The Later Stuart Church, 1660-1714

Introduction: The Later Stuart Church in Context

Pastors, Preachers, and Politicians: The Clergy of the Later Stuart Church

The Later Stuart Church

Royalism Revisited

Laurence Hyde and the Politics of Religion in Later Stuart England

Restoration Politics, Religion and Culture: Britain and Ireland, 1660-1714

‘Weepe Over the Ejected Practice of Religion’: Roger Morrice and the Restoration Twilight of Puritan Politics

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

The Personal Rule of Charles II, 1681-85

Parliament and Political Division in the Last Years of Charles II, 1681-5

The Immortal Seven