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Counsels of Perfection and Reformation Political Thought

Law and justice in a divided Christendom 1500-162

Henry Ireton and the Limits of Radicalism 1647-1649

Christianity and Civil Religion in Hobbes's Leviathan

Socinianism and Unitarianism

Religion and Enlightenment

De Veritate: Christianity and Human Nature

Freedom, Virtue and Socinian Heterodoxy

The Intellectual Consequences of Religious Heterodoxy 1600-1750

Kingship and the ‘Apostolic Church,’ 1620-1650

Natural Law and Holy War in the English Revolution

Exile, Apostasy and Anglicanism in the English Revolution

Reason and Religion in the English Revolution: The Challenge of Socinianism

Human Liberty and Human Nature in the works of Faustus Socinus and his Readers