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History and Theory in Max Weber's Protestant Ethic

Constructing Marx in the history of ideas

Max Weber in Context: Essays in the History of German Ideas C. 1870-1930

Beyond Methodology. Max Weber’s Conception of Wissenschaft

Max Weber and the Protestant Ethic: Twin Histories

Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus

Why should we read Max Weber today?: his conception of Wissenschaft

The Guv'nor: the Place of Ross McKibbin in the writing of British history

Hugh Trevor-Roper and the History of Ideas

From the 'spirit of capital' to the 'spirit' of capitalism: the transition in German economic thought between Lujo Brentano and Max Weber

A historian reads Max Weber

Max Weber and Georg Jellinek: two divergent conceptions of law

A Brief Word on Politics and Culture

Gladstone and Peel

Politics and Culture in Victorian Britain Essays in Memory of Colin Matthew

The place of Judaism in Max Weber’s Protestant Ethic

Max Weber on ‘The Rural Community’: A critical edition of the English text

Stanley [née Sackville-West], Mary Catherine, countess of Derby [other married name Mary Catherine Gascoyne-Cecil, marchioness of Salisbury] (1824–1900), grande dame and politician manqué

Max Weber's idea of ‘Puritanism’: a case study in the empirical construction of the Protestant ethic

Translation as a Conceptual Act

Gramscian hegemony: an absolutely historicist approach

Citizen Or Subject? Michel Foucault in the History of Ideas

Mediate and immediate mourning

Macaulay and the Heritage of the Enlightenment

Gibbon's Timeless Verity

The Conception of Gibbon's History

Gibbon's First Thoughts

Some Problems with Talcott Parsons' Version of The Protestant Ethic

Maurice Cowling: A Bibliography 1948-91

Towards the Verdict of History: Mr Cowling's Doctrine

Gibbon Observed

Style and Substance in Disraelian Social Reform

Disraelian Conservatism: a financial approach

Gibbon's Dark Ages: Some Remarks on the Genesis of the Decline and Fall

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