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Old statues, new meanings. Literary, epigraphic and archaeological evidence for Christian reidentification of statuary

Village churches and donors at the end of Antiquity

Asia Minor in the Long Sixth Century:

Chapter 3. Pagan-mythological statuary in sixth-century Asia Minor

The sixth-century city in the Roman East: survival or demise of the traditional urban context?

Archaeology as an alternative source for late antique Christianity. The example of ritual deposits

Cross Graffiti as Physical Means to Christianize the Classical City: An Exploration of Their Function, Meaning, Topographical, and Socio-Historical Contexts


Re-using the gods: a 6th-c. statuary display at Sagalassos and a re-evaluation of pagan mythological statuary in Early Byzantine civic space

Old Habits Die Hard. A group of mythological statuettes from Sagalassos and the afterlife of sculpture in Asia Minor

Ecclesiastical Dominance and Urban Setting. Colonnaded streets as back-drop for Christian display

Five centuries of glory. The Colonnaded Street of Sagalassos in the first and the sixth century AD

Production and Prosperity in the Theodosian Period

Sagalassos in the Theodosian Period

Aesthetic Maintenance of Civic Space The 'Classical' City from the 4th to the 7th C. AD

The creation of the Late Antique city. Constantinople and Asia Minor during the “Theodosian renaissance”

“We Surpass the Beautiful Waters of Other Cities by the Abundance of Ours”: Reconciling Function and Decoration in Late Antique Fountains

Eine späte Blüte. Aufschwung und Niedergang von Sagalassos in der Spätantike

From production to destruction? Pagan statuary in late antique Asia Minor

Encroachment in the Eastern Mediterranean between the Fourth and the Seventh Century AD

Gates in Late Antiquity in the Eastern Mediterranean

Asia Minor in the Long Sixth Century

Hosting the Council in Nicaea: Material Needs and Solutions

Looking in two directions. Urban (re)building in sixth-century Asia Minor