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Liberals, Socialists, Internationalists, Jews

1848 and beyond: Jews in the national and international politics of secularism and revolution

Enfants de 1848: les Juifs libéraux et la tradition révolutionnaire en Grande-Bretagne en Europe continentale et aux Etats-Unis

Jews, Liberalism, Antisemitism: A Global History

The Jewish Country House

Beyond the pale: the country houses of the Jewish élite

Sir Moses Montefiore: the career of a legendary philanthropist’

Religious internationalisms

From protection to humanitarian intervention? Enforcing Jewish rights in Romania and Morocco around 1880

The West and the rest: Jewish philanthropy and globalization to c.1880

Humanitarianism in Nineteenth-Century Context: Religious, Gendered, National

The limits of intervention: Coercive diplomacy and the Jewish question in the nineteenth century

Spirituality, tradition and gender: Judith Montefiore, the very model of a modern Jewish woman

Religious Internationals in the Modern World

Intervening in the Jewish Question

Moses Montefiore: Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero

Brothers-in-law: the Rothschilds and the Montefiores

Sir Moses Montefiore and the making of the Jewish International

The British Empire and the Jews: an imperialism of human rights?

Nationalism and the 'Jewish International': religious internationalism in Europe and the Middle East, c.1840-c.1880

Political institutions and nationhood in Germany, 1750–1914

Rethinking Sir Moses Montefiore: Religion, nationhood, and international philanthropy in the nineteenth century

How did federalism shape German unification?

Political and Diplomatic Movements, 1850-1871

Representing Germany? The Zollverein at the world exhibitions, 1851-1862

The Federal Alternative? A New View of Modern German History

The representation of the German States at the Great Exhibition

Fatherlands: State-Building and Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century Germany

Intervening in the Public Sphere: German Governments and the Press, 1815-1870

Durch Schule und Presse "auf den guten Sinn der Landleute einwirken: Gouvernementale Meinungsbeinflussung in Hannover, Sachsen und Wuerttemberg zwischen Revolution und deutscher Einigung