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‘Rags to Riches?’ New Histories of Social Mobility in Modern Britain - Introduction

Great Expectations? Childhood, Family, and Middle-Class Social Mobility in Nineteenth-Century England

'The Time of Storms': managing bourgeois girls' puberty in France, 1800-1870

Home Education in Historical Perspective

Home education 1750–1900: domestic pedagogies in England and Wales in historical perspective

Charlotte Mason, home education, school education and the Parents’ National Educational Union in the late nineteenth century

'Only what is pure and exquisite': girls' reading at school in France, 1800-70

Faith and Religion

De la femme aux individus: l'histoire du genre en Grand Bretagne, des annees 1960 a nos jours

Educating Women Schooling and Identity in England and France, 1800-1867

“Educational homes” and “Barrack-like schools”: Cross-Channel perspectives on secondary education for boys in mid-nineteenth century England and France

Behind the School Walls: The School Community in French and English Boarding Schools for Girls, 1810–1867

The Development of Teaching as a Profession for Women Before 1870