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Trade, law and the global order of 1919

The Ben Pimlott Memorial Lecture 2019 - Britain and the Making of Global Order after 1919

Liberaler Internationalismus und die Definition von Sicherkeit. Leben und Werk von Moritz Julius Bonn

Export Empire: German Soft Power in Southeastern Europe, 1890–1945. By Stephen G. Gross. New Studies in European History. Edited by Peter Baldwin, Christopher Clark, James B. Collins et al.Cambridge: Cambridge University...

Internationalisms A Twentieth-Century History

‘Markets and Men: Global Capital and the Consumer Economy’

Reporting from the battlefield

‘The Genesis of the War’

Hunger and Scarcity under State-Socialism, ed. Matthias Middell and Felix Wemheuer

The Austrian hunger crisis and the genesis of international organization after the First World War

War, Agriculture and Food: Rural Europe from the 1930s to the 1950s, ed. Paul Brassley, Yves Segers and Leen Van Molle

The economic consequences of the war and the peace

Feeding the World: Connecting Europe and Asia, 1930-1945

Securing the World Economy: The Reinvention of the League of Nations, 1919-1946

Introduction: Conceptualising Internationalism Between the World Wars

The role of international organization in Europeanization: The case of the League of Nations and the European Economic Community

Time, Manner, Place: Writing Modern European History in Global, Transnational and International Contexts

The Possibilities of Transnational Activism: The Campaign for Disarmament between the Two World Wars

Defining Human Security: Roads to War and Peace, 1918-1945

Gerald D. Feldman (1937-2007) Member of the Editorial Board of Contemporary European History Obituary

Is Economic History No Longer Fashionable?

Europe and the League of Nations

Defining Transnationalism

Transnationalism and the League of Nations: Understanding the work of its economic and financial organisation

Reparations in the Long Run

Money Talks: Competition and Co-operation with the League of Nations, 1929-1940

Contemporary European History Theme Issue

Another Golden Idol? The League of Nations' Gold Delegation and the Great Depression, 1929-1932

Reluctant partners: A history of multilateral trade co-operation, 1850-2000

Britain, France and the financing of the First World War.

Money Doctors

Modern Europe, 1789-present

'A Wandering Scholar' in Britain and the USA, 1933-45: The Life and Work of Moritz Bonn

The economics of World War II: Six great powers in international comparison

The Great Depression in Europe, 1929-1939

The Failure of Economic Diplomacy: Britain, Germany, France and the United States, 1931-36

‘World Economy, 1919-1939’