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The ethics of confraternities

“They say the Madonna is working miracles”: The power of stories in the creation of an image cult

A Companion to Medieval Genoa

Guilds, Fraternities, And The Values Of CivilSociety: Modern Perceptions And Medieval RealitiesOf A European Phenomenon

The Church and Religious Life

The Ex Voto Between Domestic and Public Space: From Personal Testimony to Collective Memory

‘Charity, fraternity, self and others in the late medieval European guilds’

Towns in Medieval England Selected Sources

True icons? The Power of Supernatural Images in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy

The Art of Solidarity in the Middle Ages: Guilds in England 1250-1550

The Five Guildsmen

Antonello da Messina, the devotional image, and artistic change in the Renaissance

Spectacular Miracles: Transforming Images in Italy 1500-2000

Beyond Naturalism in Art and Poetry: Duccio and Dante on the Road to Emmaus

Notes from the field: Miraculous images

Guilds and confraternities: architects of unnatural Community

Finding Oneself in a Medieval Fraternity: Individual and Collective Identities in the English Guilds

Party List: Making Friends in English Medieval Guilds

Sacred space in the light of the miraculous image. A case-study from seventeenth-century Italy

Big Brotherhood: Guilds in Urban Politics in Late Medieval England

Miraculous Images and the Sanctification of Urban Neighborhood in Post-Medieval Italy

The Virgin Mary and the people of Liguria: Image and cult

Turning Tale into Vision: Time and the Image in the "Divina Commedia"

Translations of the miraculous: Cult images and their representation in early modern Liguria

All for one - Constructing an identity for the Republic of Genoa in the seventeenth century: official memory and its resistance

The Quality of Life

Urban Culture and the Church, 1300-1540

Christianity and Art

Reliquie o immagini? Culti e miracoli in Liguria

Conflict and political community in the medieval town: Disputes between clergy and laity in Hereford

The Church in the Medieval Town

Crafts, guilds and the negotiation of work in the medieval town

Myth, image and social process in the English medieval town

Going to the Fraternity Feast: Commensality and Social Relations in Late Medieval England

Solidarités et changement social. Les fraternités urbaines anglaises à la fin du Moyen Âge

The Cure of Souls in English Towns Before 1000

Parochial Conformity and Voluntary Religion in Late-Medieval England

The Medieval Town, 1200-1540

Medieval Westminster 1200-1540

Communities of Parish and Guild in the Late Middle Ages