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Architecture, faith, and Charlotte M. Yonge

"A church building country": places of worship, 1829-1929

‘A Church-Building Country’: places of worship, 1829-1929

A Cultural History of Objects

Class and classification: the London Word Blind Centre for Dyslexic children, 1962-1972.

The Problem of Dyslexia: historical perspectives

Ecclesiastical Gothic Revivalism

Learning from Redbrick: utopianism and the architectural legacy of the civic universities

Building Corpus Christi

Introducing Thomas Rickman

Somewhere to live: Why British students study away from home – and why it matters


‘Old Corruption and New Horizons, 1714 – 1836’,

‘Private benefit, public finance? Student funding in late-twentieth-century Britain’

Buildings, Landscapes, and Regimes of Materiality

‘The Too Clever by Half People’ and Parliament

The Phantasm of an university: Imagining new landscapes in post-revolutionary Britain and Ireland

Which elite? Whose university? Britain’s civic university tradition and the importance of place

‘Architecture and experience: regimes of materiality in the nineteenth century’,

‘University Libraries’

Unlocking the Church The Lost Secrets of Victorian Sacred Space


Architecture, Building Designs, and Jericho

"The school of the wide street ... the advocates of the narrow road": the international town planning conference in London in 1910

‘The might-have-beens of architectural history: meritocracy, conservation, and the career of Malcolm Airs’

Neo-Georgian: the other style in British twentieth-century university architecture?

"The home of lost causeways": Oxford, experts, and the Motor Age

Octavia Hill: the practice of sympathy and the art of housing

'Some dreadful buildings in Southwark’: a tour of nineteenth-century social housing

The Ethics of the Empty Church: Anglicanism's Need for a Theology of Architecture

Redbrick: A Social and Architectural History of Britain's Civic Universities

Scott’s office and its impact

George Gilbert Scott: an architect and his influence

Intellectuals: The Antinomies of Sage Culture

Architecture, Building Designs, and Jericho

Oxford University Press, 1896–1945

Ghent Planning Congress 1913: Premier Congrès International Et Exposition Comparée Des Villes

Halls of Residence at the British Civic Universities, 1870-1970

The Transactions of the Royal Institute of British Architects Town Planning Conference, London, 10-15 October 1910

Architectural History After Colvin: The Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain Symposium, 2011

"A pastiche or a packing case": Building in Twentieth-Century Oxford and Cambridge

‘The success of Sir Howard Colvin and the curious failure of architectural history’

The 1910 Royal Institute of British Architects' Conference: a focus for international town planning?

Sacred Space as Sacred Text: church and chapel building in Victorian Britain

The Established Church: Past, Present and Future

Classes, Cultures, and Politics: Essays on British History for Ross McKibbin

Nationalism and the Reshaping of Urban Communities in Europe, 1848-1914

The Established Church

Transactions of the 1910 RIBA Town Planning Conference

‘Building the Nation in the Town: Architecture and National Identity in Urban Britain, 1848-1914’

‘Just William? Richmal Crompton and Conservative fiction’

‘What future for Establishment?’

Restoration and Recrimination: the Temple Church in the nineteenth century

Modernism, Modernization, and Europeanization in West African Architecture, 1944-1994

The Englishness of English Architecture: Modernism and the Making of a National International Style, 1927-1957

The Modernist Moment at the University of Leeds, 1957-1977

Redefining Christian Britain Post-1945 Perspectives

Oxford Jackson: Architecture, Education, Status, and Style 1835-1924

"Redbrick's Unlovely Quadrangles": Reinterpreting the Architecture of the Civic Universities

How do Buildings Mean? Some Issues of Interpretation in the History of Architecture

The Intellectual Aristocracy Revisited

Building a public school community 1860–1910

Unbuilt Hertford: T.G. Jackson's contextual dilemmas

"Rooms for the torture and shame of scholars": the New Examination Schools and the architecture of reform

Which elite? Whose university? Britain’s civic university tradition and the importance of place