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Building Inscription from the Church of St Nicholas in Manastir

Inscribing Texts in Byzantium: Continuities and Transformations

Te Genoese Pallio

The Abgar-Story: Inscriptional Text in Context

The Epigraphy of the Abgar-Story: Traditions and Transitions

Reading in the Byzantine Empire and Beyond

Modern encounters with Byzantine texts and their reading publics

Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art Crossing Borders

Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art: Crossing Borders, Exploring Boundaries

Reflections on a Period of Transformation in Early Byzantine Epigraphic Culture

15 Fighting with Tales: 2 The Byzantine Book of Syntipas the Philosopher

Epigraphic traditions in Eleventh-Century Byzantium: general considerations

Natpisi istoriǰske sadržine u zidnom slikarstvu nscriptiones historicae in picturis muralibus. XII-XIII vek

The authorship and authority in the Greek Life of Syntipas

The narrative fabric of the Genoese pallio and the silken diplomacy of Micheal VIII Palaiogos

Rhetorical Theatron in Byzantium: the example of Palaiologan imperial orations

Later Byzantine Epigraphic Traditions

Village churches and donors at the end of Antiquity

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