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British Liaison Officers’ Reports on Greek Army Officers in ELAS: A Reappraisal of the Problems of Source Value

Special operations: a hidden chapter in the histories of facial surgery and human enhancement.

Why we need the human touch in contact tracing for coronavirus

Written Evidence to the UK Government Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (‘UK Biological Security Strategy’)

Narrowed Minds and Destroyed Communities: Anglo-American Perceptions of Jewish Heritage in Thessaloniki, 1943–46

Toward Control? The Prospects and Challenges of Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine Introduction.

Review of J Peakman, Hitler's Island War: The Men Who Fought For Leros

D’Artois [née Butt], Sonia Esmée Florence [Toni] (1924–2014)

La Missione Britannica per la resistenza Albanese: Un punto di vista degli alleati sull’esperienza degli Italiani in Albania, 1943-1944

Macpherson, Sir (Ronald) Thomas Stewart (1920–2014)

Clark, Sir Robert Anthony (1924–2013)

Jackson, Margaret Wallace (1917–2013)

"Salonika Fire: 18-19th August 1917"

Psychiatrists and Secret Agents.

Review of B. Macintyre, 'SAS, Rogue Heroes: The Authorized Wartime History'

Review of D. Brewer, 'Greece: The Decade of War'

Review of U. Schmidt, 'Secret Science: A Century of Poison Warfare and Human Experiments'

Review of R. Jeffreys-Jones, 'Inter-Allied Commando Intelligence and Security Training in Gwynedd: The Coates Memoir' (Article)

The Special Operations Executive and the Use and Abuse of Peacetime Technology

Review of M. Hastings, 'The Secret War: Spies, Codes and Guerrillas 1939-1945'

Wake, Nancy Grace Augusta (1912–2011)

Plastic Surgery for Wartime Disguise.

Introduction to Patrick Leigh Fermor, Abducting a General

The Spies Who Hunted Mussolini

Target: Italy The Secret War Against Mussolini 1940–1943

Review of I. Buruma, 'Year Zero: A History of 1945'

Target Italy: The Secret War Against Mussolini, 1940-1943 - The Official History of SOE Operations in Fascist Italy

Review of C. Glass, Deserter

Smiley, David de Crespigny (1916–2009)

Review of C. Mulley, The Spy Who Loved

Review of P. Batty, Hoodwinking Churchill

Forgotten Voices of the Victoria Cross

Review of N. Rankin, Ian Fleming's Commandos

Forgotten Voices of D-Day

Review of G. Elliott, The Shooting Star: Denis Rake MC

Forgotten Voices of the Secret War

The Wildest Province

Review of E. O'Halpin, Spying on Ireland

The Wildest Province: SOE in the Land of the Eagle

Review of P. Shipman, Femme Fatale

Review of P. Bishop, Bomber Boys

Review of R. Ratcliff, Delusions of Intelligence

Review of B. Macintyre, Agent Zigzag

Review of O. Pearson, Albania in Occupation and War

SOE in Albania: The Conspiracy Theory Reassessed

Communist in SOE: Explaining James Klugmann's Recruitment and Retention

Margaret Hasluck and the Special Operations Executive

Review of R. Aldrich, 'The Hidden Hand: Britain, America and Cold War Secret Intelligence'

Smoke without Fire: Albania, SOE and the Communist Conspiracy Theory

OSS‐SOE relations, Albania 1943–44