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On the Road to Carlowitz: Visions of Ottoman Diplomacy in the Letters of Thomas Coke, 1691-1694

Introduction: Seeing the World like a Microhistorian

Moving Stories and What They Tell Us: Early Modern Mobility between Microhistory and Global History

Christian Materiality between East and West: Notes of a Capuchin among the Christians of the Ottoman Empire

Migration from Within and Without: In the Footsteps of Eastern Christians in the Early Modern World

The Life and Hard Times of Solomon Negri: An Arabic Teacher in Early Modern Europe

The Archive of Orientalism and its Keepers: Re-Imagining the Histories of Arabic Manuscripts in Early Modern Europe

The Ottoman World of Abdallah Zakher: The Bindings of the Melkite Lonastery at Shuwayr in the Arcadian Library

The Secret Life of Elias of Babylon and the Uses of Global Microhistory

The Whispers of Cities

Stories never told: the first Arabic account of the new world

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