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Gunpowder and Geometry: The Life of Charles Hutton, Pit Boy, Mathematician and Scientific Rebel


James Q. Davies; Ellen Lockhart (Editors). Sound Knowledge: Music and Science in London, 1789–1851. vi + 257 pp., figs., index. Chicago/London: University of Chicago Press, 2017. $55 (cloth).

The Correspondence of Charles Hutton

The Correspondence of Charles Hutton


Sing Aloud Harmonious Spheres

John Birchensha: Writings on Music

Thomas Salmon: Writings on music

Charles Hutton and the ‘Dissensions’ of 1783–84: scientific networking and its failures


Charles Hutton: ‘One of the greatest mathematicians in Europe’?

Filling a Gap in the History of : An Exciting Discovery

4 Willughby’s Mathematics

Greek mathematics in English: the work of Sir Thomas L. Heath (1861–1940)

A 'lost' chapter in the calculation of pi: Baron Zach and MS Bodleian 949

Consuming Mathematics: John Ward'sYoung Mathematician's Guide(1707) and Its Owners

John Wallis: Writings on Music

Printing mathematics in the early modern world Research symposium

The Compendium Musicae of Rene Descartes

Defending Hypatia: Ramus, Savile, and the Renaissance Rediscovery of Mathematical History

Thomas Salmon: A proposal to perform musick and related writings, 1685-1706

Thomas Salmon: An essay to the advancement of musick and the ensuing controversy, 1672-3

Poor Robin's Prophecies A Curious Almanac, and the Everyday Mathematics of Georgian Britain

The History of the History of Mathematics

A Wealth of Numbers An Anthology of 500 Years of Popular Mathematics Writing

'Let us put on the shade of Newton': Isaac Newton on stage, 1829-2006

How to Read Historical Mathematics

Diagrams and mathematics in the French and English translations of Descartes’ Compendium musicae

John Birchensha Writings on Music

Mathematics in English printed books, 1473-1800: A bibliometric analysis

Formal causes and mechanical causes: The analogy of the musical instrument in late seventeenth-century natural philosophy

Mathematics, music, and experiment

Music, Experiment and Mathematics in England, 1653-1705

Poor Robin and Merry Andrew: mathematical humour in Restoration England

The logarithmic ear: Pietro Mengoli's mathematics of music

Musical logarithms in the seventeenth century: Descartes, Mercator, Newton

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