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Mind-Boggling Medical History: creating a medical history game for nurses

The Medical Press and its Public

‘“A Borderland in Ethics”: Medical Journals, the Public and the Medical Profession in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Reading Medicine and Health in Periodicals

Belly-Rippers, Surgical Innovation and the Ovariotomy Controversy

Opening the abdomen: The expansion of surgery

Defining difference: competing forms of ovarian surgery in the nineteenth century

Honour and subsistence: invention, credit and surgery in the nineteenth century

John Wickham’s New Surgery: ‘Minimally Invasive Therapy’, Innovation, and Approaches to Medical Practice in Twentieth-Century Britain.

Medical research: Citizen medicine

The Debris of Life: Diseased Ovaries in Eighteenth-Century Medicine

Constructing Scientific Communities: Citizen Science

Surgical outcomes: a Victorian viewpoint

Possessing the Dead: The Artful Science of Anatomy [Book review]

David McLean, Surgeons of the Fleet: The Royal Navy and its Medics from Trafalgar to Jutland (London: I.B. Tauris, 2010), pp. xiv + 296, £27.50/$55.00, hardback, ISBN: 978-1-84885-284-6.

Patents, Priority Disputes and the Value of Credit: Towards a History (and Pre-History) of Intellectual Property in Medicine

Laboratory Disease: Robert Koch’s Medical Bacteriology [Book review]

The Making of Mr. Gray's Anatomy: Bodies, Books, Fortune and Fame