Professor Stephen Smith


My research interests are in the histories of modern Russia and China and in comparative Communism. I am writing a book on the 'politics of the supernatural' which compares the efforts of Communist regimes in the Soviet Union (1917-41) and the People’s Republic of China (1949-76) to eliminate 'superstition' from daily life, in areas such as popular religion, calendrical and life-cycle rituals, agriculture and folk medicine. It compares the ways in which ordinary people deployed religious and magical beliefs and practices as a way of dealing with and putting meaning on the turbulent and often traumatic changes that overtook their lives.

  • Class

  • Violence in the Russian Revolution and Civil War, 1914-2: A Survey of Recent Historiography

  • Russia in Revolution An Empire in Crisis, 1890 to 1928

  • Introduction

  • ‘Communism and Religion’

  • Imagining the Communist Future: the Soviet and Chinese Cases Compared

  • Rethinking the History of Maoist China

  • Science, Religion and Communism in Cold War Europe

  • The Early Years of the People’s Republic of China, 1960-1964

  • 'Introduction’ in Science, Religion and Communism in Cold War Europe

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