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Napoleon. Soldier of Destiny (Faber & Faber, London, 2014)

Napoleon. Soldier of Destiny

Napoleon Bonaparte: a man of intense emotion, iron self-discipline, acute intelligence and immeasurable energy. Michael Broers brings this remarkable man to life, from his dangerous Corsican roots to the epic battles of Austerlitz, Jena and Friedland. Here is the incredible story of how one man's sheer determination, ruthlessness and careful calculation drove France to conquer Europe.

This is the first volume of a revelatory new biography of the great ruler told with energy, style and brand new research. Here is the first life in which Napoleon speaks in his own uncensored voice - but not always as he wanted the world to hear him.

  • Napoleon and Napoleonic Europe
  • Imperialism
  • Modern revolutions
  • A History of the European Restorations

  • Ideological Change & National Frontiers: From the Fall of the Napoleonic Empire to the Savoyard Restoration in Subalpine Italy, 1814-1821

  • Honour or equality? Embedding the Napoleonic legal codes in the Kingdom of Italy

  • Napoleon

  • A clash of enlightenments: Judicial reform in the Napoleonic Republic and Kingdom of Italy

  • Ferdinando Dal Pozzo: A Piedmontese notable at the heart of Napoleonic Europe, 1800-14

  • Imperial law on the Marches of the Empire: Napoleonic legal reforms in Catalonia, 1810-13

  • The Napoleonic judicial system in the Illyrian Provinces, 1809-13: An exercise in incongruity?

  • The Napoleonic Mediterranean Enlightenment, Revolution and Empire

  • ‘Les Enfants du Siècle’: An Empire of Young Professionals and the Creation of a Bureaucratic, Imperial Ethos in Napoleonic Europe

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