Professor Julia Mannherz


I would be happy to hear from prospective graduate students interested in working in fields relevant to my own research interests. 

I currently teach:



General History IV, 1815-1914: Society, Nation and Empire

EWF10 A Liberal Century, 1825-1925

Approaches to History (Anthropology, Gender, Sociology)

Further Subject: “Culture, Politics and Identity in Cold War Europe 1945-68”

Optional Subject: “The Romance of the People: the folk revival from 1760 to 1914”



  • Gramophones and Modernity in the North

  • "A Life for the Tsar" on the Village Stage

  • Иррациональное в русской истории и культуре

  • Nationalism, Imperialism and Cosmopolitanism in Russian Nineteenth-Century Provincial Amateur Music-Making

  • Getting acquainted with Smyshliaev and other local heroes from Perm