Professor John Watts


John Watts is interested in politics, political culture and political structures in later medieval England and Europe, between the 13th and the early 16th centuries. Most of his published work deals with later medieval English politics and political culture, but he has also written about politics in later medieval Europe.  He is currently working on a book for the New Oxford History of England series, provisionally entitled 'Renaissance England, 1461-1547'.

  • Towards a Comparative History of Political Communication, c.1000-c.1500

  • ‘Political Life

  • Politics, c.1000-1500: Mediation and Communication

  • The Problem of the Personal: Tackling Corruption in Later Medieval England, 1250-1550

  • Counsel and the King's Council in England, c.1340-c.1540

  • Conclusion

  • Counsel and the King's Council in England, c.1340-c.1540

  • Some Concluding Thoughts

  • ‘The Empire in Retrospect and Prospect: the Plantagenet Empire and the Continent’

  • Introduction

  • More