Professor Gervase Rosser


I would be happy to hear from potential DPhil students in the fields of medieval and early Renaissance Italian art, and medieval English and European urban history.

I currently teach:

Prelims: FHS: Masters:

Antiquity After Antiquity

Flanders and Italy in the Quattrocento

MSt History of Art and Visual Culture - Optional paper: Gothic Art


The Early Italian Renaissance


Gothic Art in Europe


Venice and Florence in the Renaissance

  Theory and Methods in the History of Art  


  • “They say the Madonna is working miracles”: The power of stories in the creation of an image cult

  • The ethics of confraternities

  • Guilds, Fraternities, And The Values Of CivilSociety: Modern Perceptions And Medieval RealitiesOf A European Phenomenon

  • The Church and Religious Life

  • The Ex Voto Between Domestic and Public Space: From Personal Testimony to Collective Memory