Professor Eduardo Posada-Carbó

I also supervise the following students with the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies:

  • Emilie Curryova, ‘Political Leadership and Democratization in Argentina: Raúl Alfonsín and Carlos Menem (1983-1999)’
  • Andres Guiot-Isaac, ‘The Emergence of an Economic Technocracy in Colombia, 1948-1974’.
  • “The history of democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean, 1800-1870: an introduction”

  • De la provincia a la nación: el liderazgo de Rafael Núñez a mediados del siglo XIX

  • Iglesia católica, política y partidos en Colombia, 1910-1914

  • La "Barra" en los congresos de Colombia y Chile, siglo XIX

  • Book Forum. Imperial collapse or revolution? A discussion of Brian R. Hamnett's The End of Iberian Rule on the American Continent, 1770-1830

  • More