Dr Wilfried A. Kisling

  • Trade History
  • Financial (Banking) History
  • Financial Crisis

My research is interested in the historical role of financial institutions in the economic development of countries during the first globalization. My work investigates the role of banks in financing trade, concentrating on the history of German and British foreign banks in Latin America and their capacity to promote foreign trade by providing financial and informational assistance abroad. In my current research within the UPIER project I study the history of foreign debt defaults in Latin America and the role of banks in financing governments. In particular, I focus on the question if and how the event of previous defaults influenced a bank’s decision to (re-)lend to a country and on what terms.



Featured Publication:

Kisling, W. (2017), “La financiación del comercio: bancos alemanes y británicos en el Brasil del siglo XIX”, in Daniel Díaz Fuentes, Andrés Hoyo Aparicio, and Carlos Marichal (eds.) “Orígenes de la Globalización Bancaria Experiencias de España y América Latina”, pp. 179-204, El Colegio de México, Genueve Ediciones


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