Dr Roderick Bailey


I currently teach:


  • Methods and Themes in the History of Medicine
  • Medicine and Modern Warfare


  • Medicine, Empire and Improvement

I would like to hear from potential Masters and DPhil students with interests in the Second World War, intelligence, resistance, and the study of modern war and medicine.


  • British Liaison Officers’ Reports on Greek Army Officers in ELAS: A Reappraisal of the Problems of Source Value

  • Special Operations: A Hidden Chapter in the Histories of Facial Surgery and Human Enhancement

  • Why we need the human touch in contact tracing for coronavirus

  • Written Evidence to the UK Government Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (‘UK Biological Security Strategy’)

  • Narrowed Minds and Destroyed Communities: Anglo-American Perceptions of Jewish Heritage in Thessaloniki, 1943–46

  • More