Dr Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson works in the following periods:

  • Military and International Diplomatic History

I am the Director of the Changing Character of War Programme which is an interdisciplinary study of war and armed conflict. In 2013-14, the research priorities of the programme are the changing relationship between war and the state, war in a connected world, the history of insurgency and counterinsurgency, the history of the laws of warfare and the moral dimensions of war. There is a particular interest in ‘Civilians in War’ which will be developed as a research strand through the CCW programme’s Visiting Research Fellows.  The CCW programme has been particularly successful in developing the dialogue between scholars, the armed services, governments and multinational organisations, and engaging in joint research projects, conferences and seminars.

  • 'True to Their Salt': Mechanisms for recruiting and managing military labour in the Army of the East India Company during the Carnatic Wars in India

  • The Changing Character of War

  • Out of Arabia: British strategy and the fate of local forces in Aden, South Yemen, and Oman, 1967-76

  • The Great War and the Middle East

  • The Taliban

  • Transformation of War: The Collision of States and Sub-State Polities

  • The Afghan National Army and COIN: Past, Present and Future Reconsidered

  • Contested Historiography: Allied Perspectives on the Gallipoli Campaign

  • Command of the Army, Charles Gwynn and Imperial Policing: The British Doctrinal Approach to Internal Security in Palestine 1919-29

  • On Killing: historiography and conceptual issues: contexts and concepts from the First World War to the present

  • More
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