Dr Philippa Byrne


I would like to hear from students about any topics in medieval intellectual history c.1000 - c.1350, including theological and political thought, historical writing, philosophy, and the reception and transmission of texts. The Medieval Mediterranean between c.1000 and c.1350. Legal history - medieval common, canon, and roman law traditions

I currently teach:


BIP 2, 1000-1300 BIF 2, 1000-1300
BIP 3: 1330-1550 BIF 3: 1330-1550
EWP 1: The Transformation of the Ancient World, 350-900 EWF 3: The Central Middle Ages, 900-1300
EWP 2: Medieval Christendom and its Neighbours, 1000-1300 EWF 4: The Global Middle Ages
OS 1: Theories of the State EWF 5: The Late Medieval World, 1300-1525
OS 3: Early Gothic France, c.1100-c.1150 FS 4: The Crusades, c.1095-1291
Historiography: Tacitus to Weber Disciplines of History


Graduate Papers:

  • The Global Middle Ages
  • The Twelfth-Century Renaissance