Dr Matthew Kempshall

  • Medieval and Renaissance political and ethical ideas
  • The transmission of classical and late antique thought
  • Late Antique, Medieval and Renaissance Historiography
  • Apocalypticism

My research and publications centre on the transmission and transformation of aspects of the classical tradition within medieval and early renaissance Europe. I am especially interested in the reception of Aristotle's ethical and political ideas, on the connections between Ciceronian rhetoric and medieval historiography, on the ideology of medieval kingship, and on the understanding of classical republicanism by scholastic theologians and early renaissance humanists.  Most recently, I have published Rhetoric and the Writing of History (Manchester 2011).

  • The utility of peace in Monarchia


  • The Language of the Common Good

  • The Utility of Peace in Dante

  • Rhetoric and the Writing of History, 400-1500

  • The Virtues of Rhetoric: Alcuin's Disputatio de Rhetorica et de Virtutibus

  • Accidental Perfection: Ecclesiology and Political Thought in Monarchia

  • The Rhetoric of Giles of Rome's De Regimine Principum

  • No Bishop, No King: The Ministerial Ideology of Kingship and Asser's Res Gestae Aelfredi

  • Ecclesiology and Politics

  • More

Current DPhil Students

  • Deborah Grice

I would be willing to hear from potential DPhil students regarding medieval intellectual and cultural history              

or any potential Masters students looking at twelfth-century renaissance; thirteenth-century political thought

I currently teach:


The Twelfth-Century Renaissance