Professor Martin Conway


I would be happy to hear from potential DPhil students regarding any area of the post-1930 History of Western Europe or any potential Masters students looking at Modern European History.

I currently teach:

Prelims: FHS:

European and World History 4 1815-1914

European and World History: The European Century 1820-1925

France: Revolution and Empire, 1789-1815

European and World History: Europe Divided, 1914-1989

European and World History: The Global Century, 1930-2003


Theme d: Catholicism and the Making of the Modern World, 1545-1970


Further Subject: Cold War Culture


  • Conclusions. Strikebreaking and the Fault-Lines of Mass Society, 1880-1930

  • The Accidents of a European Historian

  • Western Europe's Democratic Age 1945-1968

  • The Legacies of 1945: The Evolutions of European Civic Morality

  • Writing European Unification Backwards

  • More